72nd / 71st Reunion of 1950/51 Leavers
On Tuesday, 26th April, ten of the Knox  leavers from 1950 and 1951 gathered for lunch at Killara Golf Club. The 1950 leavers were unable to have their 70th reunion in 2020 so decided to join the 1951 leavers the following year.  Unfortunately, this did not work either, so we eventually celebrated our 72nd and 71st reunions in 2022. 

Some of us found it necessary to introduce ourselves as we had all changed a little since we last met. It was gratifying to see that even those who had not known each other very well at school chatted easily as we all had that common feature of having been Knox boys.  Stories of masters, especially Alan Briggs, “Possum” Brown and the redoubtable “Dadda” Fahey (with his refrigerator fan belt “aide de camps”), were recalled by most. It was pleasing to note there was hardly any talk about personal health and disabilities which probably could have filled in a couple of hours of the afternoon.

It was generally agreed we should do it again, probably next year.  Most people thought we should not wait for the 80th reunion!!        

Special mention should be made of Peter Bryden (OKG52) who flew down from the Sunshine Coast and Kevin Everitt (OKG50) who drove down from Ballina. We thank Ian Neilson (OKG51) who arranged the room at his Club.  The Golf Club staff provided smiling service and took some photos for us. Juliet Chandler from the OKGA Office gave us invaluable help by sending out the invitations, liaising with the Golf Club, and generally assisting in many other ways.

Apologies: Jim Graham, Mick Brown, Robin Miller, John MacDonald and Tim Yates
Author: John Meikle (OKG50)

Date posted: 28 April 2022 
Photo: From Killara Golf Club
L-R Neville Ward (OKG51), Richard Griffin AM (OKG51), Peter Bryden (OKG52), John Southam  (OKG51), Gerry Bruce  (OKG51), Harry Trueman (OKG50)
Seated: Kevin Everitt (OKG50), Ian Neilson (OKG51), Jim Neave (OKG51), John Meikle (OKG50)